Our Objectives

  1. To serve for the MSB community’s academic and professional needs.To serve for the MSB community’s academic and professional needs.
    Provide virtual experiences of Japan, as part of the global experience at the MSB .
    Expand the Japanese business community network in Japan and in Washington D.C. and introduce the network to the all MSB community for its current and future success.
    Introduce job opportunities at Japan-related companies and provide relevant assistance.
  2. To improve a recognition and the reputation of the MSB at Georgetown in the Japanese business society.
    Strengthen the relationship between the Japanese business community and the MBA program through active networking, primarily through our Alumni Club in Japan, and to provide information for students interested in Japan-related career opportunities.
    Assist the Admissions Office in recruiting and contacting students from Japan. Help perspective students learn about the MBA program at the MSB.
  3. To support the club members’ academic and professional activities at the MSB as well as after graduation.
    Improve first year Club members’ summer internship searches both in Japan and in the US through a mentor program.
    Support club members’ productive and enjoyable life at the MSB and in Washington D.C.
    Maintain the alumni network and position the club as a life-long asset. Manage information related to job opportunities and assist the club members in finding jobs.