1. Career Management: Research jobs, manage job information, and assist students in job searches
    Assist resume build-up
    Participate in job fairs held by Japanese businesses in the US (in Boston, San Francisco)
  2. Corporate Relations: Bridge the MBA and Japanese business comminutes in DC
    Participate in monthly seminars held by the Japan Commerce Association
    Hold lectures and presentations on issues related to Japanese business in the US
    Arrange tours to plants of Japanese companies in the US (Toyota, Honda, Sony, etc)
  3. Alumni’s relations: Build strong relationship and interactive network with Japan-related MSB alumni throughout the world
    Update the member’s list
    Holding annual gathering in Japan with GUMBA Japan Society
  4. Prospective Students Relations: Promote MSB presence and status among Japanese business school applicants
    Update the MSB Japanese student guide book (club original) for prospective students
    Facilitate the application process for the MSB (assist admission with interviews and campus visits)
    Assist start-up of new student life at Georgetown
    Assist the admissions office with relevant activities (MBA Forum in Japan, etc)
    Culture: Introduce Japanese culture to the MSB community - Hold parties and events (Cherry blossom party, Karaoke competition, Japanese movie night)
  5. Web and Information Technology: Developing IT tools, and the online community to leverage the Club’s internal /external resources
    Update the Club homepage
    Establish an on-line community